Investing in our Future


Education is the cornerstone every single community in New Mexico.  We must continue to invest in our children’s future at every level possible.  As your State Representative, I will support a restructuring of the school funding formula so that it finally benefits smaller school districts like those in House District 40. The current formula only benefits large districts like APS and LCPS. We need a formula that puts more money in the classroom and allows for more local control of budgets so that communities can have a bigger say in the education of their community's children.  I will also support the development of career technical education paths for our students so that they can better decide their career path after graduation. I support increased teacher pay so we can be competitive with the State's around us. We will have tight budgets over the next couple of years, but its imperative to  find creative ways to prioritize and fund better teacher pay so we can retain our teachers in New Mexico!