Government Reform

If there's one thing we can all agree on in a non-partisan fashion, its that our State Government can work better for New Mexico. Not taking anything away from the hard working people in State Government, but Government can always be improved and should be nimble to change as the needs or our citizens change. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way. State Government is tasked with delivering services all around the State, but with such a geographically and culturally diverse State, government doesn't always deliver a product that reflects that diversity or the various needs of different communities. Our elected leaders have  to take greater responsibility of evaluating the services we have to offer to ensure we are getting quality and not just quantity. 

As your State Representive

Criminal Justice Reform


As your State Representative:

I would sponsor a Constitutional Amendment that would restructure the New Mexico Senate to require one Senator per county (33) with the remaining Senators (9) divided among the counties containing the largest populations (ex. 4 - Bern, 2 - DA, 1 - Sand, 1 - SF, 1 - SJ).