Healing our communities

Opioids & Mental Health

Many people suffering from substance abuse also suffer from a co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorder; also known as a dual diagnosis. But with a lack of treatment options or resources, many citizens suffering from both often fail to treat both problems simultaneously, leading to relapses or other problems down the road. We can no longer ignore this epidemic that is killing every community in New Mexico and across the country.

By seeking treatment for addiction and a co-occurring behavioral or mental health disorder, our citizens dealing with these issues will stand the best chances of successfully attaining the fulfilling, healthy life they deserve. In order for this to happen, the State must invest in more treatment options for our rural areas; not just in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. 

As your State Representative, I will fight to stop the hardships of surprise billing, and bring down the costs of life-saving prescription medications.  

Instead of more government intervention into our personal health care decisions, I favor reforms that are market-based, patient-centered and which actually solve some of the problems in the health care system – not create an entirely new system with layer upon layer of new problems and bureaucracy..