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Thank you for visiting the ISSUES section of the site. Some of the pages are still under construction but we are adding new content daily and hope to have it completed very soon. I believe its important for candidates to be clear about what they stand for, so I will be providing detailed information so that  voters know exactly where I am on each issue.

When I talk to citizens about the struggles they face, the solutions often times seem simple and common sense. Unfortunately for us, "common sense" in Santa Fe is all but "common" and initiatives coming out of  the capital tend to negatively impact our small communities.   The citizens of House District 40 deserve a fighter; someone who will take on the political elites in Santa Fe that try to dictate to our rural areas who should represent us, how we should think and how we should live. I’ll never put political agendas or party politics before my people. Norteños need to stick together, now, more than ever. I’ll be your voice in Santa Fe, Washington and wherever else it’s needed to ensure a better future for the citizens of House District 40 and New Mexico.

Here are my stances on some of the issues>>>

Prioritizing Education:  I want to restructure the school funding formula, particularly for small schools, and ensure that we are getting more dollars to the classrooms. I will also work to increase pay and incentives for teachers so that we can be competitive with our neighboring states.

Supporting Services for Veterans & Senior Citizens:  I will fight to ensure our Veterans & Seniors have access to necessary health care and treatment they need to live healthy, happy lives. I will also work to remove the taxes on social security and military retirement benefits.

Mental Health & the Opioid Crisis:  New Mexico needs to change the way we address mental health and substance abuse. We need to drastically increase funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment with priority given to communities that are economically or socially disadvantaged. This is an “everywhere” crisis that needs action now.

2nd Amendment: I will fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, especially for our rural communities. I will never support gun reforms that infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. I also support hunting, fishing, and trapping as a right of every New Mexican. 

Protecting Life:  I believe in protecting the sanctity of life and I believe that the termination of a pregnancy  should only be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. I also support women having access to health care options that aid in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies.

Infrastructure:  I will work tirelessly to bring more capital outlay funding to our rural communities to support much needed repairs to roads, facilities and other projects needed to restore and revitalize our small, local economies.

Agriculture & Land Grants:  Agriculture is the lifeblood of our rural communities. I support private property and water rights. I also support programs that help agriculture producers to run successful operations across Northern New Mexico. I will fight hard on behalf of our Land Grant beneficiaries to protect the common lands of community land grants.

Environment:  I believe in protecting our environment, while ensuring strategic and responsible use of our natural resources. We need to work together to develop technologies and industries that will help sustain our lands and rural economies for future generations.

Pueblos and Tribes:  I will work with Tribal members to enhance Economic Development opportunities on tribal lands. I will always stand alongside our tribes to defend their tribal sovereignty and ensure full cooperation from state and federal agencies with issues impacting their communities.

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