the Sanctity of life

Protecting the Unborn

As a Catholic, I am committed to protecting the rights of the unborn. I also oppose any state or federal subsidies for abortion. I support education and healthcare to help women avoid unplanned pregnancies.

As a Councilman, I sponsored Village of Cimarron Resolution 2020-19, Protection of All Human Life. The resolution reaffirms the citizens of Cimarron's commitment to protect the unborn while providing health care options for women, as well as education for our youth. Protection of the unborn and ensuring women have access to health care (that will aid or prevent an unplanned pregnancy) are not mutually exclusive. We owe it to our youth and their future to make every effort to educate them and encourage them to make choices that will not result in the termination of a life. 

As your State Representative:

I would support legislation that prevents physicians from performing an abortion of an unborn baby who is 20 weeks old (or older).