shall not be infringed

Right to Bear Arms

As a Veteran and hunter, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms. I’ll fight against any state legislation that seeks to limit this fundamental right.

As a councilman, in 2019 I sponsored a proclamation declaring Cimarron as a Second Amendment Sanctuary City, making us the first municipality to do so in the State. In Santa Fe, I testified on behalf of farmers, ranchers, and rural New Mexicans, about the importance of preserving this fundamental right that serves as a means of protection for so many us. In the places we live, law enforcement isn't always 10 minutes away, so New Mexicans are tasked with defense of themselves, their families and their property. I'll never support a law that seeks to limit us from doing that. I also believe in public safety and ensuring citizens legally obtain and possess firearms, but I cannot support any unconstitutional law that infringes upon any law-abiding citizens rights, especially if it's unenforceable or puts our local law enforcement officers at risk. 

I would've opposed the expanded background checks and red flag bills because they do little-to-nothing to improve public safety, but they create a great number of liabilities and risks for local governments, law enforcement agencies, Federal Firearms License holders. Our legal system currently provides for removal of firearms from someone who is deemed a danger to themselves or the public, but a backlog in the courts has caused these orders to be delayed. I certainly agree something should be done to keep communities and individuals safe, but we can do so  without violating the due process rights of our citizens! Communities of color already have their due process rights violated  at a higher frequency. Why we'd create another "legal" way for the system to do this to ourselves makes no sense!

It's not the easy way, but we must invest in our courts and do criminal justice reforms to that will help clear up the backlog in our court systems so they can work as they're intended to. These "blanket" approach gun reforms may address one problem, but they do so while also creating a whole number of issues for every other gun owner, especially those in rural New Mexico. We can improve public safety and we can address mental health issues, but infringing upon the rights of law-abiding citizens is not the answer. Fixing the current system is the  hard answer, but it's also the right answer - we must start there!

As your State Representative:

I will sponsor a Constitutional Amendment making hunting, fishing and trapping a right of every New Mexican. 

I will support funding  programs for our youth to learn about proper firearms safety.