Its our turn to care for them

Veterans & Seniors

In Northern New Mexico, FAMILIA is everything! At the head of every family is the patriarch and/or matriarch who holds us together; our abuelos! 

As a Councilman for the Village of Cimarron, the majority of my constituents are seniors. Many of them are retired and live on fixed incomes. We see new attempts every year by the legislature to raise taxes and fees on our citizens.  On top of that, our State has a long history of taxing social security and military retirement benefits --- It has to stop! There were bi-partisan attempts this last legislative session to remove these taxes but the political bosses in Santa Fe don't want to fix it.

If you elect me to the New Mexico Legislature, I won't take "no" for an answer. I'll champion efforts to remove these taxes. I'll utilize our media outlets and social channels to call attention to this issue and I won't stop until our legislature fixes it!

I will also advocate for increased funding for programs that help our seniors and veterans. Our seniors helped to raise us and teach us and our Veterans have defended us and sacrificed for us. We owe it to them to provide the resources they need to live long, happy lives in New Mexico.

As your State Representative:

I will sponsor legislation that repeals the taxes on social security and military retirement benefits.